SOME: presentazione e opere dell’artista

Irreverence to the capitalist core of popular culture and the art that sprang from it combined with a darker depth behind a cheerful, colourful veneer show that SOME’s work, on close examination, has a deeper meaning and personal expression than could otherwise be missed if situated on a busy street.

A SICK SMILE” – SOME© (2018)

Acrylic dripped on canvas

100*100cm / 40*40inches (circa)


“The work ‘a sick smile’ was the first thing that came to my mind after a dark period. It was the first canvas I made historically and totally by instinct. I felt a smile was creepy, but the smile could also be somewhat sympathetic. So I reversed his smi le. I think this represents the polarity of mood as when one goes from being happy to being sad for no reason. And this shift can be constant or even be present at the same time, like saying I feel so glad but sad, melancholy and cheerful etc…Instead of a clear body, I chose to use the technique of drip ping to represent the fragmentation of personality typical of people with schizophrenia. I then added a third eye to make him look like an alien, drawing in spiration from the psychiatric term alienation, which stands for perceptual detachment from real things such as empathy for others, the timing of conver sations, but also simply seeing the world in a cri tical sense that has reason to be shared by most. As I said above, it was a spontaneous piece, and this brief analysis of mine comes four years later.”


Stencil and Spray paint on canvas

150*100cm / 60*40 inches (circa)


Words by Brad Clark “Side Baby Baby” shows us the height of excess, a young figure is armed with a cash cannon em blazoned with the ultimate hype brand, Supreme. This vacuous brand exploits hype culture and scarcity marketing to make young people believe they need and MUST have their products, despi te often being as purposeless as a branded brick. This deep desire to possess appears to be an addi ction, the serotonin rush from the acquisition of an artificially and orchestrated “rare product” in pla ce of a real achievement is suffi cient for many to feel satisfaction. Set over a background of pills and tablets this corporate control and dependency is amplified cou pled with the serene look of bliss on the face of the “lucky” owner.

QUEER – SOME© (2022)

Stencil and Spray paint on canvas

70*50cm / 27*19inch (circa)


Beer after wine make yourself fine; Wine after beer make yourself a Queen!


Stencil and Spray paint on canvas

150*100cm / 60*40 inches (circa)


(Legato al letto impasticcato come sotto cassa)

Alla fine del Giorno chi sei?

Un palazzo in costruzione e un cervello

Che ha bisogno di un restauro

O un bambino che viene al mondo

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